If the Fairy Godmother of legendary times past were to wave her magic wand over a baby's crib, what golden wishes could she possibly bestow in our 21st Century world? Beauty? Happiness? Fame? Ah, but beauty fades, fame usually lasts but fifteen miserable reality TV minutes, and happiness cannot be found on the outside, so what could our celestial help-meet give us that might actually make a positive difference in our lives?

How about the perfect poise of the privileged? The confidence and charisma to steer through even the most difficult social occasion with the elegance of a swan? A decorous self-esteem that turns heads for all the right reasons?

Jill Harbord holds the knowledge that so few seem to possess and believes that mannered confidence and social ease need not be the preserve of the lucky few, but are skills which can be learned, and when applied in daily life can smooth the path to resounding success in virtually any field. The Jill Harbord Finishing School will help you negotiate the myriad minefields of society; teaching you how to present yourself in a confident, pleasing manner, how to become more poised and polished in everything from social small talk to that all important presentation.
Jill Harbord


Jill's bouquets vary from the formal tailered to hand tied country styles Spring Courses.

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Our Finishing Academy will prepare you for a role in the business world and society, aiming to help you become more effective in multicultural environments and dealings.


Jill Harbord provides enlightened solutions to all kinds of wedding etiquette, showing how to manage the big decisions and the little details with consideration and confidence.